Motion control unit to make films

dynamic perception

The Stage R: Rotary System is a tough-as-nails lightweight multi-stage motion control unit. Use it as a standalone pan or tilt time-lapse and real-time video platform, combine two units for 2-axis pan and tilt motion or add two units to your slider for full 3-axis motion control.

This complete rotary system bundle is perfect for time-lapse/video shooters and includes everything you need to begin filming move-shoot-move time-lapse and continuous real-time video right out of the box. Configure a single unit (default options) or build a multi-axis pan and/or tilt system by adding a second rotary unit, motor and 90 axis bracket.

Each Stage R unit is capable of full 360 degree pan or tilt movement and its flexible modular design allows for hundreds of different motion combinations (100’s, we’re serious!). Connect two units together for full pan and tilt or connect one or two units to a dolly slider for ultra-dynamic 3-axis movement (slide + pan and/or tilt). Nail any shot from live action to time-lapse covering days with stunning camera motion!

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Awesome 360 Camera set-up

360 camera

This is an amazing One Piece High Strength Aircraft Flexible Nylon. After assembly with your GoPro™ Camera Housing, you just snap in your GoPro™ Camera Housing into the 360Heros Patent Pending 360 Plug-n-Play™ Holders and get ready to shoot 360° Video and/or one Shot 360° Photos. One Piece 360 Heros Patent Pending Nylon Holder. Hold Qty 6 GoPro™ Hero 3 White, Silver or Black Cameras. Does include stainless screws for fasten GoPro™ Flat Mount clips to holders.